Caring for your baby and young child birth to age 5. Steven P. Shelov, M.D., F.A.A.P. July 1998. ISBN: 0553110454 (Hardcover, $32.95) and 0553379623 (Paperback, $18.95). Available in many local bookstores. Online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
If you ever need to travel to a desert island with your baby or young child, and can only take one book along, this would be the book to take. This book's chronological chapters make it easy to read all about the care of your infant or child. The reference chapters in the back of the book are great for looking up a variety of health concerns and symptoms, and finding out what to do. For breastfeeding information, instead of relying on this book, do take the time to read one or more of the breastfeeding books on this list. You'll be glad you did.
Games to play with babies. Jackie Silberg. 1993. ISBN: 0-87659-225-8. Paperback. $14.95. Available at Lakeshore Learning Materials at Hazard Center on Frazee Road in Mission Valley. Online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
Lakeshore also has a web site at A nice collection of age-appropriate ideas for having fun with your baby.
Healthy sleep habits, happy child. Marc Weissbluth, M.D, F.A.A.P. 1999. ISBN: 0449004023. Paperback. $12.95. Online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
Unlike other popular sleep books, which may involve a great deal of crying, this one presents a kinder, gentler approach based on your observations of your baby's cues and patterns, and minimizes the amount of crying. The book includes an objective discussion of other approaches to sleep training, as well.
How to get kids to eat great and love it! Christine Wood, M.D. 1999. ISBN: 0967338700. Paperback. $14.95. Online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
A gold mine of scientifically sound nutritional information in a pleasant, readable format. Dr. Christine Wood is the mother of a young son and practices pediatrics in north county. Her local speaking engagements are extremely informative. She believes that nutritional supplementation, based on sound research, can be beneficial to children. She is connected to a company that sells supplements, but she doesn't push the products in her book or in her talks. It's worth joining The Parent Connection, formerly known as Las Madres, just to get the newsletter and hear about her occasional speaking engagements, and get other good information as well. Check out Dr. Wood's web sites as well at and
Medications and mothers' milk. Thomas W. Hale, R.Ph., Ph.D. ISBN: 0963621939. Paperback. $24.95. A new edition comes out every year. Online at Amazon.
This book is written for health professionals, and those of us who work with breastfeeding families consider it our "bible." Parents who like to be able to look things up find it very helpful. It is a sound source of information about the many medications that are compatible with breastfeeding, and the few that are not. Dr. Hale's website is also helpful and informative, and one can order this book and his other excellent books at the site.
The nursing mother's companion. Kathleen Huggins, R.N., M.S. 1999. ISBN: 1558321527. (Hardcover, $24.99.) (Paperback, $12.95.) Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
Very complete and readable, generally sound and helpful, except for comments on nipple confusion.
The nursing mother's guide to weaning. Kathleen Huggins, R.N., M.S., and Linda Ziedrich. 1994. ISBN: 1558320652. Paperback. $11.95. Online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
A very thorough must-read! Read this so you can start weaning with a plan that goes smoothly for mother and baby.
Oppenheim toy portfolio baby and toddler play book. Stephanie Oppenheim, Joan Auclair. June 2001. ISBN: 0966482379. Paperback. $5.95. Sometimes available at Borders. Online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
This book is one of the best bargains around. Get this before you shop!
So that's what they're for! Janet Tamaro. 1998. ISBN: 1580620418. Paperback. $10.95. Online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
This book is fun to read, quite informative, and often hilarious. The author is a mother of two breastfed children, and has written an honest book that captures the joy, laughter and fun of being a nursing mother and teaches ways to cope in all kinds of interpersonal and health related situations.
The ultimate breastfeeding book of answers: the most comprehensive problem-solution guide to breastfeeding from the foremost expert in North America. Jack Newman, M.D. and Teresa Pitman. 2000. ISBN: 0761529969. Paperback. $18.95. Online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
And worth every penny of it! Owning this book is like having a round-the-clock lactation consultant right there on your bookshelf, ready to help with almost every breastfeeding question and situation. The authors' years of experience helping breastfeeding mothers is evident everywhere in this highly readable, well organized book.
The womanly art of breastfeeding. Gwen Gotsch, Judy Torgus. September, 1997. ISBN: 0452279089. Paperback. $15.95. Online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
The 35th anniversary edition of the classic reference written by the experts at La Leche League International. A down to earth, encouraging and comprehensive book.
Your child at play: birth to one year. Marilyn Segal, Ph.D. 1998. ISBN: 1557043302. Paperback. $17.95. ISBN: 1557043345. Hardcover, $27.95. Online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
This book, the first of the wonderful Your Child at Play series, takes you month by month through the first year of life, and is packed with great ideas, suggested activities and solutions to problems. One objectionable suggestion is the recommendation to use a swing or "jolly jumper" that hangs in a doorway. Those swings or jumpers have caused serious injuries, and should never be used.

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