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Parents devote considerable time, energy and financial resources to becoming well informed about many aspects of infant and child care. Useful information is communicated via word of mouth and countless books, periodicals, classes, and web sites. These clinically sound practical tips are different from those found in the popular media, because they are a synthesis grounded not only in evidence based nursing practice, but also in extensive hands on professional experience helping expectant and postpartum families achieve maximal wellness at home. We hope some of this information helps make those first days at home go by happily and smoothly. For additional detailed information, including telephone numbers and web site addresses, please refer to our Prenatal-Postpartum Resource Guide.

There are many things you can do before your baby's arrival to save precious time and reduce the stress and exhaustion that usually accompany baby's first days and weeks at home. Whether you are expecting a first baby or expecting to learn some new things before the birth of a later child, preparing for new experiences can make a difference.

Please select from the following topics:
Parent Groups
Finding Safe, User-friendly Baby Furniture, Supplies and Gifts
Safe Sleeping for Little Babies
Safe Seating for Little Babies
Other Supplies and Furniture
Diaper Changing Supplies
Location, Location, Location: Setting Up Diaper Changing Areas
Hazardous Items to Avoid
Setting Up Safe Zones for Feeding Your Baby While Keeping
Older Children Safe

Keeping in Touch
Preparing for Breastfeeding
Preventing Postpartum Constipation
Preparing for twins, triplets or more!

The materials on this web site are for general information and educational purposes only. Information on this web site is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your pediatrician and nurse practitioner, which is always the best source for sound information specific to your infant, child and family. Always consult a physician or nurse practitioner promptly about specific medical conditions affecting your health or the health of family members.

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