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Location, Location, Location: Setting Up Diaper Changing Areas

There are a number of good diaper changing locations in every home. Setting up more than one area works well in large homes and two story homes. Wherever you change a diaper, hold onto the baby securely with at least one hand at all times to prevent falls. For nighttime diaper changes, itís nice to have a small or dim light or night-light in the changing area, so that you donít overstimulate and fully waken your baby. When baby wakes up at night, itís good to keep lights dimmed, and keep all interactions ďbrief and boring,Ē to help baby develop the habit of sleeping at night.

ē If your baby has sensitive skin and youíre not using baby wipes every day, it may be convenient to locate changing area where you have access to water. A roomy bathroom counter may be big enough to hold a cozy changing pad or folded towel or blanket. Supplies can be stored on the counter or in the drawers or cabinet below, and a container for used diapers can be placed nearby. A very spacious bathroom may have room to position a changing table close to a sink. Either way, itís quick and convenient to dampen cotton balls with warm water and to wash your hands one at a time. A clean dispenser will keep liquid soap cleaner than bar soap.

ē A changing area or table in babyís room is convenient, especially if youíre using baby wipes, and donít need instant access to warm water during the diaper change.

ē A folded blanket or towel on the lowered tailgate of your sports utility vehicle provides a cleaner changing area when youíre away from home. It is relatively free of bacteria and viruses from outside your household.

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