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. Laundering baby's clothing and linens. Parents who launder and put away most of the baby clothing and linens before baby is born say how glad they are that they didn't wait. A special baby laundry detergent may be a good choice if sensitive skin runs in the family. Most babies have skin that is not irritated by whatever laundry products are used for other family laundry. If you suspect that a laundry product is causing your baby to have a rash, try discontinuing the use of fabric softener and strong detergents, and switching to a detergent made specifically for baby laundry.

. Storing baby's clothing and linens. Baskets, boxes and drawer dividers help keep baby's drawers nice and neat. It's not unusual for babies to outgrow some of their clothing before wearing it even once. Small plastic closet dividers that fit over the clothes pole (like the ones seen in department stores) can organize all those outfits by size, so that you know at a glance what fits and what's too big or too small. When you consider how many complete changes of clothing a baby may need in one day, it's a great timesaver! There's no need to waste time and energy rummaging through messy drawers and hunting for size labels, when you can hang clothes up, all organized according to size. As baby grows, separating outgrown items and storing them together helps keep things neat and uncluttered.

. Making papers easy to retrieve. Well before your baby is born, you will accumulate a rapidly growing collection of information sheets, brochures and pamphlets from health care providers, hospitals, class instructors, businesses, and others. This collection will expand and grow for about 21 years!

One easy way to organize papers you want to keep is to get a thick looseleaf notebook, and plenty of dividers and top loading sheet protectors and a second, thinner looseleaf notebook to take to the hospital for organizing the many papers you'll receive there.

After you get home, the thin notebook can be recycled to hold things you may want to take to medical appointments, like your baby's immunization record, appointment and business cards, medical business cards, appointment cards, your list of questions, forms that need a signature from pediatric office staff, and other information needed at or received at medical appointments. One notebook can organize materials for one or more infants and children.

. Screening baby names for ones you may wish to avoid can be helpful. Books and web sites for popular pet names may list some names to eliminate from consideration.

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