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Tips on Safe Seating For Babies

Please see the section titled "Other Important Safety Resources" in our Prenatal- Postpartum Resource Guide for access to a wealth of information from local and national safety programs and organizations. This detailed information can help keep your baby safe in the car, in airplanes, in strollers and baby carriages, at home, and away from home. Check out the listings and make an appointment for a free local car seat checkup, to make sure yours is installed correctly, and to make sure your baby is strapped in correctly. Most car seats are incorrectly installed, and/or incorrectly used.

Make sure the seats your infant uses are designed to recline slightly, and keep his head and neck stable and comfortable. Car seats that are too vertical cause the baby's head to slump forward and bounce around when the car is in motion. You can read more about the correct angle of recline for rear and forward facing car seats in the Technical Page 5

Encyclopedia on the www.carseat.org web site, which also features online car seat checkups.

Young babies who haven't quite begun to sit up all by themselves quickly tire of swings and high chairs that are too vertical. High chairs and swings with adjustable backs are nice for young babies. Babies as young as four or five months of age may love to keep you company at your level in a high chair or swing, while you eat a meal or sit at a desk or table next to them. Babies have great fun with swings and high chairs equipped with interesting toys that snap onto the tray. Multi-speed musical swings can be very soothing.

. Bouncy seats are very popular with babies and parents. To prevent falls, when baby is in the seat, never carry it or set it on a bed, chair, counter or table. Keep it on the floor. To prevent suffocation and choking, never put more than one baby in a seat. Seats with lots of features, like a toy bar, lights and music are wonderfully entertaining. Vibrating bouncy seats can help babies relax enough to fall asleep.

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