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. Baby monitors with speakers that work while plugged in or with batteries can help parents hear baby and respond in a timely manner. Some speakers are small enough to tuck into a pocket and carry around. Baby monitors do need to be thoroughly tested throughout your home and possibly in the yard as well. Some monitors don't have a long enough range to work in a big house. Others won't work in homes with lots of computers and electronic equipment. Others just won't work at all. Since there's a chance you may be returning the monitor, buy it at a local store, save the receipt, open the box very gently and carefully, and save the packing materials until you've checked it out.

. Supplies for taking rectal temperatures are good to have on hand right from the start. A digital rectal thermometer is the safest, most accurate thermometer for an infant up to three months of age. If you think your baby may be ill, you'll want to use it before calling the pediatrician. Disposable plastic probe covers, made of thin plastic film, slide over the thermometer and protect it from fecal contamination. They are available at bloodcurdling expense at drug stores and much less expensively at medical supply stores. A little water soluble lubricant can make insertion as gentle and comfortable as possible.

. Parents say they're glad they have ample supplies of burp cloths, small, thin baby washcloths, small bibs or disposable bibs, size small, diaper container refills, 100% cotton balls and disposable diapers. It's hard to have too many of these on hand. To save lots of time, consider storing stacks of some of these items in baby's room, and in various places around the house-washcloths in bathrooms and the kitchen, bibs in the kitchen and next to the feeding area, burp cloths next to the feeding area and in the kitchen, where you can use them as baby towels to gently pat baby's face and hands dry after washing. It's nice to have liquid baby wash in a plastic dispenser bottle at the kitchen Page 6 sink, bathroom sink and next to the bathtub. Multiple fully stocked diaper changing areas are great timesavers. Consider one in baby's room, another in a bathroom with plenty of counter space and another at some other convenient location.

. Many people are surprised to learn that wearing sunglasses that protect your child's eyes from all forms of ultraviolet light (UVA, UVB and UVC) can prevent the development of several pediatric and adult eye problems. Unprotected exposure to ultraviolet light can stimulate the development of growths on the surface of the eye in toddlers, children, adolescents and adults. Some can be removed surgically, but they may grow back. They can become red, irritated and quite uncomfortable. Sunglasses protect against macular degeneration, the greatest cause of blindness for those over sixty years of age. Sunglasses also help prevent the development of cataracts, and eliminate the need for cataract surgery. Sunglasses help prevent skin cancer of the eyelids and tumors inside the eye. Careful selection of sunglasses is important. Infant and child sunglasses should have frames and lenses that won't shatter or break into sharp pieces. They should fit very well. Wraparound styles protect the front and the side of each eye. The lenses should have complete blockage for all ultraviolet radiation and light with a wavelength under 400nm. An ophthalmologist, optometrist or optician who has a photometer can check the sunglasses to make sure they offer the protection your child needs. Wide brimmed hats for babies and toddlers offer additional protection.

. Safe, quiet, comfortable chairs for parents to use when for rocking, feeding and soothing baby are very helpful. It's good to have one in the baby's room, and to have one or more others elsewhere. Glider rocker and ottoman sets are very popular. An overstuffed swivel rocker with matching ottoman is another comfortable choice. Some recliners are not recommended, because they can entrap and pinch hands, arms and legs. Babies also love to be held by an adult sitting outdoors in a glider or porch swing.

. B.Y.O. Pillows. When shopping for a new glider rocker or other chair, take your breastfeeding pillow(s) along in a tote bag. Try the pillow on, (difficult as that may be when pregnant) and make sure that you're comfortable sitting in the chair with the pillow in place. Some expectant moms discover that they're much more comfortable breastfeeding baby on a sofa or a chair they already have. Breastfeeding two babies at a time is easiest on a sofa, a very wide upholstered chair or in bed. A nursing stool makes feeding time more comfortable for many mothers by elevating the lap for better positioning and reducing muscle tension in shoulders, arms, back and legs.

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