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Tips on Preparing for Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets or More!

When you’re expecting more than one baby, advance preparation and mental health are more important than ever. You are sure to appreciate any time and energy that you save. Having large supplies of everything on hand and organized prevents the hassle of running out to the store every day or two. Know what to do if either parent becomes depressed, and talk openly about it with supportive family and friends and most of all with a caring physician who can help get the treatment that will resolve the depression.

• Prevent laundry emergencies by stocking up on clothing and linens for the babies, and underwear and linens for the parents.

• The Scripps Mothers of Twins Club has many benefits, and you can join before baby arrives.

• Sharp has Multiple Expectations classes just for parents expecting twins or more

• Freebies! Some companies that manufacture baby supplies and equipment will give some free merchandise to parents of multiples. It’s worth asking friends who have multiples who might have such a program, and it’s worth contacting the companies as well. This is a good thing to look into before the babies are born. Most companies require that you send them copies of your babies’ birth certificates before they send you free merchandise.

• Yes, you can breastfeed twins, triplets and quads! Others have done it, and you can, too! At web sites for breastfeeding moms, you will see big nursing pillows especially designed for multiples.

• Even if you’re on bed rest, you can do some preparation. You can connect with some parents of multiples. Consider calling the mother whose name is listed with Mothers of Twins Club, to see if she can help. You can do online and catalog comparison shopping, and order much of what you need. You can read books and become very well informed. (You may like our list of helpful books.) You can surf over to wonderful web sites that will make you a knowledgeable parent. You can carefully consider and narrow down a list of baby names. This can be a big help later on. You and others will be able to address your babies by name, and that’s so much more satisfying and better for bonding than having to call them “Baby A,” “Baby B,” “Baby C,” etc. You can also enjoy uninterrupted conversations with friends and family—something that may not be happening for a while after the babies are born!

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